Eyes Wide Open has a release date!!!

August 11th.  Yep, you read that right.  August 11th, Eyes Wide Open will go live.  It will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble just like Waking Up is.  Paperbacks will be sold on Amazon.  I’m looking into Kobo and Itunes.  If I go with them then I’ll add Waking Up to those as well.  So excited for everyone to see how Tucker and Adriana’s story ends.  This is NOT a trilogy.  Waking Up was about 500 pages and Eyes Wide Open is a little longer.  I didn’t cut the books short to turn them into a third book.  Why, you ask?  One, I didn’t want to do that to the readers.  And two, I honestly, originally planned on their story being one book.  They ended up being a more complicated couple than I intended.  I’m glad they got two books.  They were a deserving couple and they started the series.  They introduced you to all the other couples you’ll be reading about in the other books.  I can’t wait to see what you think of them!!!