Take a walk on the dark side

Since I started this writing journey, I’ve been happily writing contemporary romance.  Something about the journey of two people fighting their demons and finding their way together makes me giddy.  I love the push and pull, the tension, the heartache, and the celebrations.  I’ve enjoyed getting lost in creating characters who made me fall in love with my own husband all over again.  Although I wrote happily ever afters, I loved the road the characters had to travel to get there.  I wanted my readers to scream at their kindles, cry until they couldn’t see, feel like their hearts were being ripped out, because I wanted to put them back together.  I wanted to put the reader into the book, make them feel the pain, and the love.  Last year, a totally different story entered my mind.  It still had all those attributes I mentioned, but…it wasn’t your typical romance story.  In fact, I wouldn’t call Sevyn a romance.  My husband read it.  That right there told me it was different.  He had no interest in reading a love story.  But when he heard me talking to one of my beta readers about killing characters, he was intrigued.  Death…now, that was something he could get into.  There is a romance aspect written into it because…well, because I love writing love, but it’s really a tale of one man’s journey to discovering who he wants to be and where he wants his life to lead him.  This book will show you how dark a person can go when pushed to make impossible choices, and if they can be redeemed.  If you love a twisted story that guts you, but gives you hope too, Sevyn may just be the book for you.  I do warn, though, it is graphic.  There are warring drug cartels.  Everything you would expect in a drug cartel book is in here so if you have triggers, this book could be an issue for you.


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If you really love Twisted books, one I read last month and I still can’t get out of my head is The Tutor by K. Larsen.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough.  Here is my review:

It has taken me weeks…weeks to write this review. I have been in an absolute book slump since finishing it. I mean, who can replace Holden and Nora’s story? I was reading it, routing for them, and thinking–what the hell is wrong with me? This book had the perfect blend of dark, twisted, love, and affection. It had all the wrong that felt so right. I can’t even write a review that does this book justice. My favorite from K. Larsen yet.