Tis the season…

Are you feeling jolly? I really am. Tucker and Adri’s story wrapped up over the summer. A lot of people have come to me saying, “I didn’t even realize you released Eyes Wide Open.” You know what? That’s my fault. I went in for brain surgery on August 12th and although I knew from last spring that I was going to be having it, the date was all over the place. At the beginning of summer I set the release date for Eyes Wide Open for August 11th. I worked my tail off to get everything ready for that book and wouldn’t you know, less than two weeks before release day, I got the call that the 12th was surgery day. When I announced it on my Facebook page I think many people tuned out, assuming I would push the book to the side until after I recovered, but I didn’t do that. To me, my fans came first. You had been waiting to see what happened after Adri left Tucker at the airport at the end of Waking Up and I was going to answer that for you. I also wasn’t letting Chiari destroy what I had been working months for. So, my best friend Amie who runs We Stole Your Book Boyfriend took over my page for a couple weeks until I was ok enough to start posting on my own. But, I think the lack of hearing from me made people believe the book wasn’t really out there and that’s a shame because for those who have read it, they say it’s the perfect ending for Tucker and Adri.

Why am I so jolly you ask?

Well, we cut down our Christmas tree yesterday and we’re decorating it tonight. This is one of my favorite things to do all year. My husband and my three boys all get involved in decorating it with me. I love having this moment each year when we all come together to do something that makes us smile and feel happy. Tannis, my oldest, is 19 now which means I may not get many more of these decoratings with all of us. Need to treasure it while I can.

The other reason I’m so jolly is I’m just about half way done writing Beneath His Darkness. This is book three in the Healing Hearts Series and it’s Grant’s book. For those of you who haven’t read Eyes Wide Open and are screaming at me, “Why the hell are you writing a book about Grant?” Trust me. It all makes sense after you read EWO. I truly never planned a book for Grant, but Tucker went and changed everything on me about 3/4 of the way through writing EWO. Sometimes it drives me crazy being the narrator to my characters. I want to tell them I’m doing things my way, but they tell a better story than I do. So, as much as I thought Grant was just a filler to the story, he became a leading man and I’m loving him in ways I never thought I could. I thought he was meant to be the villain of the Healing Hearts Series and learned I have a lot to learn about my characters.

Beneath His Darkness will release winter 2015 and Waking Up & Eyes Wide Open are currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. I’ll post a few teasers for you of BHD. Please add Grant to your Goodreads list. His book is a standalone as all the rest of the series will be going forward.


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Have a great holiday season! I hope Santa is extra good to you this year!

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