I’m still a Newbie

Being a newbie author you learn so much, but the biggest thing I’ve learned is… you keep learning. Every time I think I’m getting the hang of this author stuff I realize I have a whole lot more to learn. It’s fun and it’s frustrating at the same time. It’s fun because I get to talk to so many amazing authors who I look up to, but it’s frustrating because I have to wade through all the information and figure out what is stuff that could potentially harm me. It’s a lot to take in. I’m made some good decisions and I’ve made some not so good decisions since I started on this journey, but what I’ve come to realize is that as long as I make every decision with with good intentions then I shouldn’t have regrets.

As I get ready to release my second book I don’t feel like much less of a newbie as I did releasing my first book. Yes, I know a lot more than I did the first time around, but I still have so much more to learn. The biggest thing that’s changed since my first book is new authors now come to me for advice. It’s amazing when they do, but it’s scary too. I only hope that the advice I give helps them.

My advice to you, as a reader, never be afraid to take a chance on your self. If you have a dream- chase it. I did and I haven’t regretted it for one second. It’s a lot of work, but it’s even more fun!



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